More glow, less waste- upcycled ingredients in The Glowcery skincare

More glow, less waste- upcycled ingredients in The Glowcery skincare

By Alice Hartwell for THE GLOWCERY

With annual Earth Day just around the corner, there is no better time to take a deep dive into sustainable skincare. Here at The Glowcery our core ethos is built around environmentally conscious products and practices. We take the utmost pride in being among the growing number of ethical, vegan skincare brands. In this blog post, we cover why sustainability in skincare is important, the upcycled ingredients we use across The Glowcery skincare range and our commitment to a greener world. 

Why is sustainable skincare important?

Skincare is big business. Like REALLY big business. This means its industry output can be an even bigger detriment to our environment. Whether it's sourcing ingredients for products or the materials used in copious packaging, unsustainable skincare industries have a huge impact on the world we live in. Find below just a few ways that unsustainable skincare practices can damage the environment around us:

  • Plastic pollution from single-use plastics
  • Landfill pollution from packaging that can't be recycled 
  • Higher carbon emissions from factory production and delivery methods
  • Damage to natural environments for skincare ingredients that aren't sustainable or ethically sourced

An upcycled approach to skincare

The Glowcery is passionate about using upcycled ingredients in its skincare products. This means utilising produce and ingredients that are by-products from foods that would otherwise be discarded. This "waste not, want not" approach goes even further to ensure that all our upcycled ingredients are sourced from suppliers who comply with ethical and sustainable practices. Check out some of the ways The Glowcery uses upcycled ingredients throughout our skincare range. 

🍅 Tomato Seed Oil

Found in: Tomato Tonic Fragrance-Free Superfood Serum

Tomato seed oil is a tomato by-product used in one of the most popular Glowcery skincare products, the Tomato Tonic Fragrance-Free Superfood Serum. The tomato seed oil in this serum helps to soothe redness common with sensitive skin. Its healing properties leave your skin soft and hydrated, giving any face an effortless glow. 

🍊 Orange Seed Oil

Found in: Sweet Orange Superfood Natural Lip Balm

Orange seed oil is another environmentally-conscious fruit by-product that is used by The Glowcery in the Sweet Orange Superfood Natural Lip Balm. This oil helps to deeply moisturise dry lips and provides hydration that lasts all day long. With the addition of avocado oils and shea butter, this balm protects your pout from environmental and seasonal stressors as well.

🍓Strawberry Seed Oil

Found in: Golden Nectar Nourishing Body Oil

Utilising discarded strawberry seeds, the Golden Nectar Nourishing Body Oil is truly the nectar of the eco gods. The combination of soothing oils leaves a radiant and hydrated sheen on your skin. Zero greasiness, zero stickiness and, most importantly, zero waste.


Sustainability is our top priority at The Glowcery

The Glowcery doesn't only focus on sustainability within its products. Having sustainable practices and methods of production are paramount to the sustainable vision we hold so dear. Find below some of our other core sustainability initiatives at The Glowcery.

Eco-friendly packaging

Packaging for our range of superfood skincare has been a hugely thought-out and environmentally considerate process. Every Glowcery product is packaged using glass or aluminium, materials that are easy for everyone to recycle and is a step away from single-use plastics. Glass is also great packaging for skincare products, as it’s able to block UV light rays which decrease the shelf-life of your products.

We also want to get products shipped out to our customers in the most sustainable way possible. The tissue paper your Glowceries are prepared in is made from completely recycled pulp fibres from sustainable forestation. All the post boxes we use are made from 100% recyclable materials, including the packaging tape. 

Small batch production

When it comes to the production of our Glowceries, we keep emissions as low as possible by formulating in small batches. This means that our energy emissions are decreased, as well as preserving the freshness of the products. By working this way, it is also easier to quality-control the outputs. For example, there is less overall waste and we can ensure that every Glowcery product achieves our high-quality standards every time. 

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