About Us

Hey, I'm Roshanne Founder and CEO of The Glowcery, The Glowcery is a skincare brand transforming how people feel about their skin and natural ingredients through innovation and low intervention, high potency advocacy.

I started The Glowcery after swapping my chaotic, stressful and highly-emotive job as a Criminal and Human Rights Lawyer for a much slower paced summer abroad in Spain and after switching to a nourishing plant-based diet. Wanting to instil these values into my skincare routine, The Glowcery's low intervention, high potency skincare range launched in March 2020. 

For the eco-conscious beauty consumer, The Glowcery offers a welcome escape. Tired of the conventional skincare industry's reliance on heavy machinery, negative environmental impact, and chemical-laden products? The Glowcery provides the antidote. Our philosophy? Low intervention, high potency skincare made with cold-pressed, minimally-processed ingredients.

To take personalisation to the next level, we leverage the latest in AI beauty technology to tailor product recommendations specifically for your unique skincare needs. With The Glowcery, you can indulge in minimally-processed, plant-powered and eco-conscious skincare.
Join our new awakening and give your skincare routine a health-kick.

With love,

Founder of The Glowcery