About Us

Imagine you could feed your skin like you do your body? What would your skincare diet include?
Hey, I'm Roshanne Founder and CEO of The Glowcery, an innovative, healthy and efficacious skincare brand that brings together the power of superfood, plant-based ingredients, and sustainability. We draw inspiration from the goodness of fresh fruits and vegetables to create a range of rejuvenating skincare products. What sets us apart is our commitment to upcycling - we use rescued fruit ingredients to craft our formulations, minimising waste and supporting a more eco-friendly future.

To take personalisation to the next level, we leverage the latest in AI technology to tailor product recommendations specifically for your individual and unique skincare needs and concerns. With The Glowcery, you can indulge in guilt-free self-care while unlocking the true potential of your skin.
Join us on this journey to nourish your skin naturally and sustainably!

With love,

Founder of The Glowcery


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