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Recharge Aromatherapy Candle

Recharge Aromatherapy Candle

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What is it?

Take the time to Recharge with our first-ever candle! Handpoured with a unique blend of 100% natural essential oils, in a blend of coconut and soy wax. Lemongrass encourages the release of happy hormones dopamine and serotonin helping to boost our energy levels. Rose Geranium restores emotional balance while Patchouli oil helps to balance and ground restless energy, whilst cleansing your space of negative and raising your positive vibrations.

Each of our candles are handmade and may have small imperfections due to this.

  • Melts away stress
  • Raises positive vibrations
  • Encourages rest and relaxation
  • Cleanses negative, stagnant energy
  • Restores emotional and spiritual balance
Nutritional Value
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free
  • Packaged in recyclable glass with a sustainable aluminium lid.
  • Small batch and Hand poured
  • Net Wt: 120ml
How to use

Before each burn, trim the wick, to around 1/4 of an inch, doing this encourages a much cleaner, brighter burn and prevents the wick from mushrooming. Once you've lit your candle, make sure you burn it for around 1-2 hours you’ll notice that by doing this the top layer of wax has melted all the way to the edge of the jar. This prevents your candle from tunnelling, and you will also get the most scent from your candle if you allow the melt pool to reach the jar.

Safety Tips

Always burn your candle within sight and out of reach of children and pets. Burn on a heat-resistant, flat surface and always keep away from drafts and flammable items. Never leave a candle burning continuously for more than 4 hours.

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