How to prevent dry, chapped lips

How to prevent dry, chapped lips

Dry, flaky lips this autumn/winter? Not us. 

Winter is coming, and like clock-work the last season of the year brings a sharp drop in temperature, harsh winds, ice and snow. These cold climates can have a seriously drying affect on your skin, especially the delicate skin on your lips. 

Why do my lips feel dry?

Dry lips can occur because unlike the skin on the other areas of your face and body, your lips do not have their own oil glands, and so they cannot self-lubricate. Dry, cold air pulls moisture from anything it can and with your lips always being exposed to the elements this can lead to irritation caused by your lips drying out quicker. Lips are then left looking cracked, flaky, and raw in some areas, which can be very uncomfortable.

How to moisturise chapped lips

Keeping your lips moist throughout the day is key to prevent lip skin from drying out in the first place. Applying lip balms containing ingredients like natural, occlusive agents (ingredients that lock in moisture), such as mango and shea butters and vegan fruit wax in Sweet Orange will help condition and protect lip skin from the colder climates. The creamy, thick texture of Sweet Orange provides a long-lasting burst of moisture, preventing lip dryness and irritation. 

When dry lips are in need of a little extra tlc apply an even, but thick layer of lip balm before-bed to nourish and deeply moisturise lips overnight. 

Regularly exfoliating can help with flakey skin, to prevent damaging your lips, use a gentle sugar scrub, such as our Coconut Crumble lip scrub. The natural coconut sugar gently exfoliates flakey, chapped bits of skin whilst the unrefined coconut oil helps to nourish, heal and moisturise.

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