Cold Pressed Oils. What Are They And Why Are They A Must Have In Your Skincare?

Cold Pressed Oils. What Are They And Why Are They A Must Have In Your Skincare?

Here at The Glowcery, we believe that high-performance skincare does not need to be filled to the brim with overly-processed or artificial ingredients and so we use only the freshest, natural superfood ingredients in our products.

What are cold pressed oils?

Cold-pressing (as the name suggests is the process of extracting oil (or butters) from juicy, fruit, veg, nuts and seeds without using heat. Cold-pressed oils retain maximum nutrients so they are rich in vital vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are great for skin health. As they use minimal energy during the extraction process cold-pressed oils are eco-friendly. 
Here's why they are great for your skin

🥗 Incorporating raw fruits and vegetables in your diet can have numerous beneficial health benefits. This is because unlike overly cooked, fried or boiled versions, raw fruits and vegetables retain more of their natural vitamins, minerals and nutrients. 

🥦 Just like fresh produce, cold-pressed oils retain the nutrients, vitamins and minerals your skin needs to look and feel healthy, balanced and glowing. Think moisturising omega essential fatty acids found in ingredients like Hemp, Avocado and Pumpkin such as omegas 3, 6 and 9 that help to strengthen your skin's barrier, preventing moisture loss. Antioxidant-rich ingredients like Tomato, Sesame and Green tea help to protect your skin from environmental stressors while vitamin A found in the cold-pressed Rosehip and Jojoba oils we use help to brighten hyperpigmentation, dark marks and acne scars.

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