Inci: Solanum Lycopersicum Seed Oil

A fruit that is used as a vegetable, the juicy tomato is rich in skin-nutrients as it is in colour. Made by pressing the seeds of tomatoes leftover from the juicing industry, this cold-pressed oil is perfect for calming redness, soothing skin sensitivity and irritation.

Packed full of wholesome skin-loving goodness. There are countless benefits of tomato seed oil, below are some favourites:

🍅 Tomato seed oil is rich in lycopene. Lycopene soothes and heals dry or sensitive skin. It also improves the smoothness of the skin, and can help improve the appearance of hyper-pigmentation.

🍅 Tomato seed oil is high in essentially fatty acids omegas-6 and 9, this helps in restoring the skin’s barrier function, regeneration of new plump skin cells as well as locking in moisture to keep the skin hydrated and soft.  

 🍅 Tomato seed oil contains potent antioxidants that help protect the skin from free radical damage caused by environmental stressors. Antioxidants including beta-carotene, flavonoids and vitamin e neutralise free radicals and help to soothe inflammation or redness caused by acne and skin irritations.  

We use cold-pressed tomato seed oil in a our freshly-pressed fragrance-free serum Tomato Tonic. Made with sensitive skin types in mind, this nourishing facial oil soothes irritation, calms breakouts and redness, whilst locking in moisture to the skin. Fragrance-free this serum has a sweet earthy scent. Use Tomato Tonic as the last step in your skincare routine to lock in moisture to your skin, soften your skin and protect your skin from environmental stressors.

Now that you know more about tomato seed oil’s skin benefits, remember to add a few extra tomatoes to your bolognaise, pizza or side salads to feed your skin from the inside out!  

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Written by Roshanne, The Glowcery Founder

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