Cacao Healing Ceremony

Cacao Healing Ceremony

Cacao is not just a delicious drink, but the cacao beans contain a superfood ingredient called theobromine, which translates to "food of the Gods". Theobromine is a bitter alkaloid which has been shown to boost the immune system, lower cholesterol and blood pressure as well as leading to euphoria and deeper spiritual connection.


25-50g ceremonial grade cacao, chopped or grated

100-200ml distilled water or plant-based milk

2 teaspoons of agave or vanilla syrup 

A pinch of Himalayan pink salt


Whisk raw cacao powder into cold plant-based milk with a drizzle of agave or vanilla syrup and a pinch of salt (which balances the flavors) until smooth. Whisking the cacao into the milk before heating it allows it to dissolve completely (if you add it to hot milk it can clump up). Warm the hot chocolate on the stove and serve.

Drinking cacao helps to open your heart chakra and so it's recommended to set an intention before drinking. 

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