Essential Oils - What Are They And How Can They Help Your De-Stress From The Outside In

Essential Oils - What Are They And How Can They Help Your De-Stress From The Outside In

Here at The Glowcery we consider essential oils to be an important inclusion in any naturalistas skincare or self-care routine and why is this?

Well, let's start with what they are. Essential oils are fragrant, concentrated natural components derived from plants, seeds, flowers and stems. Each essential oil contains up to 100 different components each of which offer a specific therapeutic benefit. When used in skincare essential oils can help to rebuild and strengthen a damaged skin barrier helping to relieve a variety of skin concerns including acne, eczema, hyperpigmentation and skin irritations. 

As well as offering endless skincare benefits essential oils also possess a variety of aromatherapeutic benefits. Below we have listed a few of our favourite essential oils and their benefits by grouping them into their olfactory groups (scent families).

🍋 Citrus

Uplifting oils such as Bergamot, Lemongrass and Sweet Orange, contain compounds to boost wellbeing and mood, natural antidepressants they'll help to clear grey skies, and uplift your mood when you're feeling a little low. It's little wonder these oils are called liquid sunshine in a bottle.

Steam distilled citrus oils when used in skincare help to stimulate blood flow to the skin helping to eliminate toxins. Citrus essentials oils are naturally antibacterial, antiviral and full of antioxidants to protect the skin from excess oil and grime as well as defend the skin from free radical damage. Be careful though some citrus oils can increase the skin's sensitivity to light.

🌹 Floral

Rose Geranium - This soothing elixir helps to reduce anxiety, and feelings of worry, self-doubt and fear. When included as an ingredient in facial products Rose Geranium oil tones the skin, evening out skin tones due to its rejuvenating abilities.

Lavender - Adaptogenic essential oils such as Lavender help to calm the body by supporting the adrenal glands which release the stress hormone cortisol. An ancient stress reliever and ultimate calmer of emotions, lavender essential oils are proven to aid deep sleep, stimulate relaxation and soothe stress. Used in skincare this essential oil restores calm and balance to the skin helping to reduce redness, soothe inflammation and accelerate wound healing.

Ylang Ylang - There's a reason 60s Hippies loved (and still) love this wondrous scent. Used for millennia, its distinctive scent soothes stress, calms anxiety and encourages relaxation. Take in a few deep breaths of this oil and you'll soon feel like you're floating on clouds. In skincare, ylang ylang is a luxurious ingredient that combats acne, soothes inflammation and regulates oil production in the skin. 

🌍 Earthy

Patchouli - A grounding oil, it can help to put things into perspective when your emotions are little hazy or if you find yourself going down the rabbit hole. Take time to breathe, inhale and just be in the present moment, this earthy oil will restore balance. Whilst its pungent scent may not be to everyone's liking, its calming abilities are renowned.

🌿 Herbaceous

Clary Sage - If you're feeling a little irritable, find yourself crying at cute animal memes on Insta and/or generally on the verge of a BF, then this hormonally balance essential oil will help to wash away any dark clouds, one deep breath at a time. 

🌲 Camphoraceous/Minty

Tea Tree - Perfect for the respiratory system and sharpening our senses, tea tree oil is antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal making it a deep cleansing oil that'll eliminate bad vibes, instantly. In skincare, tea tree oil contains pain-relieving properties, helping to cleanse anger acne, unclog pores and protect the skin. Even sensitive skin types can benefit from this potent plant oil. 

When used correctly essential oils can promote overall wellbeing, boost your skin's health, and calm the senses. For the sciency-stuff check out the below studies.



 Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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