The Benefits Of An Epsom Salt Bath

The Benefits Of An Epsom Salt Bath

What are Epsom Salts?

Named after the UK town they are produced in, Epsom salts are essentially made up of a naturally occurring mineral called magnesium sulfate, this incredible mineral promotes relaxation, improves sleep, and relieves tension in the mind and the body. 

What are the benefits of an Epsom Salt Bath?

1. Calms stress - If you start to feel overwhelmed, a mini spa session involving a long Epsom salt soak, a hydrating face mask whilst calming frequency music plays softly in the background can help you to let go of stressful emotions as magnesium is a natural stress reliever.

2. Pain Relief - Went too hard during an Insta-live workout? In need of a post-sweat soak? Then adding Epsom salts to a hot bath will soothe sore, tight muscles or an aching body. The warm water, combined with the Epsom salts will help to release tension in your muscles, after a hard workout or long day.

2. Detox -  Everyday our body absorbs a mixture of heavy metals and chemicals from what we eat, drink and from our environment. When added to a bath, Epsom salts help to detoxify and balance the body by drawing out these toxins. 

3. Aid in relaxation and sleep - If like the rest of us you find yourself staying up to the early hours of the morning watching one too many Netflix series -  Money Heist, Tiger King, Too Hot Too Handle... then having an Epsom salt bedtime bath can encourage deep, undisturb sleep. This is because magnesium can help your body produce melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleep.

4. Soothes dry skin - During lockdown you may be experiencing dull, dry, itchy skin this is due to the lack of sunshine, fresh air and the drying indoor conditions, i.e. central heating or air conditioning. An Epsom salt bath might help, as relaxing in a bath of Epsom salt and Dead sea salt can be effective for reducing dry skin and inflammation, the high level of magnesium plays a key role in soothing the skin.  

5. Boosts mood - Taking time out for yourself is going to make anyone feel good, and a peaceful, Epsom salt bath may increase serotonin production in the brain. Serotonin aka the "happiness hormone" plays an important role in boosting your mood. So whenever you're feeling low, run the bath, add your Epsom salts and indulge in some much needed me-time. 


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