Valentine’s Day: how to embrace self-love and unlock your passion using astrology

Valentine’s Day: how to embrace self-love and unlock your passion using astrology

by Sade The Astrology Vixen

If we take away the commercial dressing from the annual semblance of Valentine’s day, it strips it back to a 24 hour excursion to celebrate the union of love. This holiday is celebrated in the zodiac season Aquarius, which I’ve always found quite fascinating. Aquarius is known for spreading it’s lovin’ far and wide in a completely non-discriminating fashion.  

Friendship, family and romantic partnerships are all placed on the same priority list, leaving no room for them to compete with each other. Particularly in the west, romantic relationships are often seen as the golden cup of all Loves, which essentially doesn’t sit right with Aquarius’ agenda. To add another layer to the water bearers story, Aquarius is the lone wolf in the zodiac, roaming on the outskirts of society always outside the periphery, unable to fit into societal constructs thereby finding solace on it’s own. This act in itself takes radical levels of self love to accept the wholeness of who they are. 

As you can see, there are two lessons unfolding here on Valentine’s day. The first is practicing to centralise all relationships with equal investment. The second lesson is understanding that without the supreme love of self, we’ll be unable to extend the purity of love to those we hold dear. 

To love well is the task in all meaningful relationships, not just romantic bonds.” - Bell Hooks

The journey of self love eclipses the social media buzzwords such as #selflove or #justdothework. It’s an intimate and immeasurable dance which has an unfinished script. Astrology has been a key component of my redemption story to soulful communion with myself, and the planet Venus plays a lead role. 

The mythology of Venus 

In roman mythology, Venus is the goddess of love, sex, beauty, and fertility and the Greek equivalent is the goddess Aphrodite. She was worshiped by her devotees to attract abundance, love, and even protection. Venus is the embodiment of the feminine principle. As with all things, there is another side to the coin, which is hedonism, jealousy and insecurities. 

Venus in Astrology 

If you find yourself touched by dance, music or poetry then you have journeyed to the land of Venus. When it comes to astrology, most people know their Sun sign which is solely based on the date of birth. However the birth chart includes additional pieces of information which add to your personal astrological data bank. The birth chart is informed by the time, location, and date of birth. Venus is the planet in our birth chart which can show us how we give and receive love, even from ourselves. It can help us discover our own love languages, relationship temperaments as well as our turn ons and turn offs. To calculate your Venus placement, click here

Venus sign journal questions:

Venus Aries - My love makes me feel alive 

How can I pour passion back into myself?

Venus Taurus - Life is nothing without pleasure

How can I make pleasure more of a priority in my life?

Venus Gemini - The inner child lives forever 

How can I add more time to play in my day?

Venus Cancer - Love is like a warm bath

In what small ways can I nourish my heart space?

Venus Leo -  If you adore me, Dior me

In what small ways can I show myself true adoration?

Venus Virgo - Imperfect is the new perfect 

How can I show more love to my imperfections? 

Venus Libra - Devotion is the primary colour 

How can I commit to showing myself more devotion?

Venus in Scorpio - Loving me until eternity 

In what ways do my actions show that I’m loyal to myself everyday? 

Venus in Sagittarius - Variety is the spice of life 

How can I find new ways to feel inspired everyday?

Venus in Capricorn - My standards are expensive 

How do I currently define my relationship values?

Venus in Aquarius - Love is a liberation tale

What does freedom in my relationships look/feel like?

Venus in Pisces - Soulful love only 

How do I nurture my own creative potential? 

Venus rituals

In time before time, beauty rituals were a part of the feminine mysteries. The ancients knew that beauty is an energy that can be cultivated using intentional rituals. I love this beauty meditation featuring spiritual guide Giselle Pompe Moore. Setting aside some extra time for your beautification process can ground you into your body and heighten your sensual senses. 

Another tool to add to your Venusian beauty kit is Moon water. It has been used in beauty routines and ritual practices for ages and is seen in cultures all over the world. Symbolically the Moon is ‘Yin’ energy which essentially radiates the feminine qualities. Ideally, you can wait for a New or Full Moon to charge your water and set an intention. Once you’ve collected your comic water, you can add it to your bath or place a few drops in your diffuser. 


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