Your skin needs layers too

Your skin needs layers too

Winter is officially here, Mariah Carey has been defrosted and your skin needs extra protection, especially from the cold winter chill. 

Just like how we use layers to keep ourselves warm, your skin benefits from layers to keep itself, nourished, hydrated and glowing. Here’s how layering in skincare works:


All skincare routines should start with an effective cleanse. Consider this the Golden Rule in skincare, applying products to a clean healthy, base is key for product efficacy.

Start with an effective cleanser to rid skin of makeup, SPF, and daily impurities. Our Blue Dew Fruit Enzyme Cleanser contains antioxidant rich ingredients like cold-pressed sesame, hydrating avocado and soothing calendula that thoroughly clean the skin, while ensuring skin feels hydrated and soft.


After cleansing, reach for some more hydration in the form of water-based products. This could be your toners or essences. When buying toners, keep a look out for skin-hydrators such as vegetable glycerin, squalane or hyaluronic acid. These type of ingredients are known as humectants and draw moisture the air helping to keep skin dewy and hydrated.

Tip: for extra dewiness, apply toner onto slightly damp skin and before your skin totally dries you’re going to apply…


Your creams, aka moisturisers. This thicker layer is the body warmer of skincare, it keeps skin moisturised, but isn’t by itself enough protection.


That extra layer of protection is achieved by applying face oils after moisturiser, your skincare coat. Look for ingredients that are rich in skin-nourishing omega essential fatty acids such as hemp seed oil or tomato seed oil as these help to strengthen your skin’s moisture barrier, preventing dryness and irritation.


If face oils are our coats, think of this last step as our skincare accessory, a woolly-scarf, or hat if you prefer. An essential but often forgotten step. SPF. Apply it daily, every 2-3 hours - if you have God like discipline, but most importantly apply it. Future you will thank you

Cheers to layers
Written by Roshanne Dorsett, Founder of The Glowcery
Image: Pinterest

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