How to never lose your lip balm

How to never lose your lip balm

Oh lip balm, our trusty favourite balm, salve or chapstick (if you're from across the pond). An essential but sometimes elusive part of your skincare routine. It can happen to the best of us, one day it's in your pocket, the next day you reach inside said pocket, and your heart drops, temperature raises, heart beat quickens and palms begin to sweat as you ask yourself "where is it?!" You pat yourself down, search your belongings thoroughly and visually retrace your steps to the last memory of drenching your lips in moisture... and then the sobering realisation dawns on you... you left your balm at home *cue violins*

If like me, you've felt the sheer pain, unfathomably heartbreak and utter disappointment that you could be so careless with your balm. Here's some brilliant advice I saw in our Insta comments:


Multi balms, in multi places. Genius, even Mensa would applaud this level of ingenuity. Thanks for sharing, and God speed to Marina and Naomi! Take note and forward to a friend to avoid future heartbreak.

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