Why you need to bin makeup wipes

Why you need to bin makeup wipes

By Alice Hartwell for THE GLOWCERY

When it comes to skincare, using wipes to remove your makeup is overwhelmingly considered one of the deadly sins. Not only are they bad for your skin, but they also hurt our environment. In this blog post, we cover why you need to bin the wipes, what to use instead and how The Glowcery has you covered when it comes to cleansing.

What's so bad about wipes?

Makeup or face wipes are commonly used as a quick method to remove makeup or clean the face. Sadly they rarely do either sufficiently. Using makeup wipes long term not only leaves your face unclean but can also damage your skin in the long run.

The 'clean' makeup wipes give is just not sufficient for healthy skin. Though it may remove the appearance of makeup, it does not properly cleanse your face. If anything they just tend to wipe the dirt AROUND your skin rather than off. After wearing makeup and SPF, our face needs to be deeply cleaned using a face cleanser to ensure dirt is removed. Failing to cleanse properly can lead to a build-up of product and oil, which is typically the culprit for blemishes and acne flare-ups.

Face wipes are also potentially damaging to the skin depending on how rough the material of the wipe is. They tug at the skin which is especially detrimental to the eye area, where our skin is so thin and delicate. Due to this, constant use of harsh wipes can lead to earlier appearances of wrinkles and fine lines. Makeup wipes should be a needs-must scenario only, not an everyday solution. To echo skincare expert Caroline Hirons "wipes are for fannies, flights and festivals only." Amen.

The environmental impact

Makeup wipes aren't just damaging to your skin, they are damaging our environment as well. Facial wipes are single-use products that are not recyclable. For context, it takes over 100 years for a single makeup wipe to decompose. So even using one daily has a huge impact on our environment. Face wipes are not sustainable for a greener world, skin concerns aside.

Skincare alternatives to makeup wipes

When looking for an alternative to makeup wipes, look no further than facial cleansers. This skincare product comes in various forms, depending on the targeted skin type, but they all have one core aim: to keep skin clean and healthy. A typical cleanser is combined with water to then be massaged into the skin to remove dirt and impurities. This helps to clear excess sebum for blemish-free skin and provides a gentle exfoliation for a glowing base.

Facial cleansers are far more environmentally conscious as they involve no single-use materials. Just massage the product over your face and either splash off or remove with a soft flannel. This can be just as quick and is 100x more effective than scrubbing with a makeup wipe.

Bin the wipes and bag The Glowcery

When binning the wipes, The Glowcery is the only skincare brand you need for clean, happy and healthy skin. One of our most beloved products is the 'Blue Dew Fruit Enzyme Oil To Milk Cleanser.'This powerhouse cleansing oil-milk hybrid removes dirt and impurities with far more ease than any makeup wipe.

The cleanser is formulated to clean the skin without stripping it of natural oils, leaving your face ready for the rest of your skincare regimen. Our blend of effective plant-based ingredients includes papaya and pineapple enzymes, avocado oil and calming blue tansy oil to create the cleanser that ticks every box.

This oil to milk cleanser is suited to all skin types, no matter your skin concerns. It was even awarded the Best Cleanser of 2021 by Cosmopolitan Beauty awards. So take that makeup wipes.

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