The Ultimate Guide to Travel-Friendly Skincare in 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Travel-Friendly Skincare in 2022

By Alice Hartwell for THE GLOWCERY

Summer is right around the corner, and so are summer holidays. Perhaps you’re jetting off to sunnier shores, or opting for a break in snowy climates? Either way, there’s no break from a solid skincare routine. Spending time in foreign climates means a strategic arsenal of skincare is more necessary than ever. Coming up in this blog post: your guide to travel-friendly skincare, what to pack and how to prepare your skin for all climates. 

Hydrate on the plane

Most holidays see you travelling on an aeroplane at some point during your trip. Taking to the skies is always fun, but for your face…not so much. With a combined torrent of recycled air, cabin pressure and reduction of fresh oxygen, long-haul plane rides can play havoc with your skin. Air travel significantly dehydrates the skin as well as limits blood flow and circulation. Make sure to load up your carry-on with a few hydration-boosting skincare products. Opt for a thick, nourishing cream moisturiser or an #instaapproved hydrating sheet mask.

Lather on that SPF

If you’re heading to a tropical paradise, SPF and sun protection is more important than ever. Make sure to be applying high factor SPFs every few hours for complete protection, and if you’re taking regular dips in the pool, remember to apply a sun cream that’s waterproof. Leave that retinol serum at home, it’s best to avoid skincare that makes your skin sensitive to sun damage while travelling in warmer climates. 

Protecting your skin is essential, but so is sun aftercare. Time spent in the sun dries our skin out, meaning we need to add hydration and nourishment back in to heal sun damage. The only dynamic duo you need abroad is The Glowcery Cocoa Cloud Whipped Body Butter and Golden Nectar Nourishing Body Oil. Both of these products help to soothe and soften the skin and leave you glowing for those holiday nights out. 

Minis are your best friend

Packing for travel can feel like one hell of a task. So much to bring and so little space. Though it can feel tempting to pack your entire skincare shelf, it’s important to only bring your necessary products. Even then, big tubs of cleansing balms take up valuable space. Luckily this is where minis come in. Countless brands have now launched mini travel-sized versions of their skincare products to solve this very dilemma. Stock up on your favourite products in mini-form to make sure you aren't pushed over baggage limits with an extensive collection of serums in tow!

Know your climate

Make sure to research your travel destination beforehand to suss out what skincare you’ll need to bring along. Look into average temperatures and levels of humidity etc. This helps to give you an idea of which products to bring to tackle specific concerns. For example, if you’re travelling to colder climates, make sure to pack a few thick face creams and oils. Likewise, if you’re visiting somewhere warmer, you may need creams to help with dry skin after sun exposure, but also thinner serums so your skin doesn’t feel overloaded in high humidity. 

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