How To Get Your Skin Summer Ready with The Glowcery

How To Get Your Skin Summer Ready with The Glowcery

By Alice Hartwell for THE GLOWCERY

Our skins change with the seasons, so it’s important to adapt your skincare routine. Summer has officially begun, and while we all love spending time the sun, it’s important to look after your skin. This includes prep and aftercare to maintain a healthy, hydrated summer glow. In this latest blog post, we cover everything summer skin, with a guide for how to care for your face and body during warmer weather.

Top up that SPF every few hours

Summer means sunshine, and more sun means you need to be extra-vigilant with your SPF. Even though you should be wearing sun cream every day anyway, when spending summer afternoons basking in the sun’s rays, you should be reapplying every few hours. This ensures your skin is fully protected against damage. No matter your age or skin tone, we all need to lather on a high-factor SPF this summer to protect our bodies from harmful UV rays. 

Opt for lighter makeup

Go for it and embrace a natural summer glow this season! Heavy foundations and concealers only feel uncomfortable in hot and humid conditions. Not only does sweaty makeup feel gross, but it can also clog your pores, which in turn can lead to more breakouts. Opt for a tinted moisturiser or light bb cream and let your glorious summer skin shine through. 

Cleansing is key

Unfortunately, our skins can be more prone to breakouts in hot, humid weather. It’s important to cleanse skin thoroughly after a hot day in the sun, to remove all the sweat, dirt and grime. Always make sure to double cleanse when you’ve been wearing SPF. Sun cream is specifically designed to stay on our skin, so you have to be diligent with cleansing it all off at the end of the day. Break down daily dirt and SPF easily with The Glowcery Blue Dew Fruit Enzyme Oil to Milk Cleanser and enjoy fresh, clean skin.

Hydrate your skin

Consistent hydration of the skin is vital in both summer skin prep and aftercare for days spent lounging in the garden. Heat is a killer for drying out the skin, so make sure you always use a hydrating day cream before and after time spent in the sun. Don’t skimp out on the body either, our Golden Nectar Nourishing Oil is perfect for hydrating dry skin with fast absorption, so you never have to worry about sticky oil staining your sundresses. Hydration starts from within, make sure to drink enough water throughout the day to keep your skin looking glowy.

Lay off the Retinol serums

We all love a good Retinol serum. Its anti-ageing benefits are legendary, but Retinol doesn’t work well with prolonged sun exposure. When using a product with retinol, your skin becomes more sensitive to the sun and its UV rays, making it more susceptible to long-term damage. If you know you’re going to be out in the sun for a few days, lay off the retinol products for the time being to protect your skin from further damage. Focus instead on moisturising and hydrating, tend to your retinol needs when you won’t be so exposed to sunlight.

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