The Glowcery 101 - Who We Are, What We Do & How Do We Do It

The Glowcery 101 - Who We Are, What We Do & How Do We Do It

Hello welcome to The Glowcery Gang!

As we've grown over the past few months and welcomed so many of you into our community, we wanted to let you know a little bit about who we are, what we do and how we do it. Keep on reading, for the low down on all things The Glowcery.

❔ Why

We believe that high-performance natural skincare should be made with the same virtues as a green smoothie, leafy salad or fresh grocery produce.

✨ How

And so at The Glowcery we have created a nutritious diet for the skin using 100% natural, fresh, fruit, veg and nut oils to make superfood skincare products that work to feed and balance the skin for a healthy glow. All housed in eco-friendly packaging.

🛒 What

We currently have three vegan, cruelty-free superfood skincare products available to shop. Our hero product, Clean Greens a superfood face serum oil suitable for all skin types, made with 20 antioxidant-rich, cold-pressed oils including calming hemp seed oil, nourishing broccoli and healing tamanu oil.

As well as Sweet Orange a long-lasting, moisturising lip balm made from creamy mango seed butter, protective sweet orange oil and healing orange seed oil pressed from the seeds of oranges that would otherwise be discarded by the juicing industry.

And Coconut Crumble an invigorating dual action lip scrub made with gently exfoliating raw coconut sugar, ultra-hydrating raw coconut oil and softening sweet almond oil.

🌐 Where

You can do your weekly (skin)food shop on our website We are also on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @theglowceryshop.

👩🏽‍🔬 Who

Whenever you see the term ‘we’ being used it’s me, Roshanne, the Founder of The Glowcery and the woman making, packaging and shipping out all your orders, running the social media pages and still taking the time out for self-care.

Thank you to everyone that has placed an order, left a review, liked, shared and commented on anything The Glowcery related. Thank you for joining me on this journey, The Glowcery is only 4 months old and there is so much more to come!

With love,

The Glowcery Team (aka just me) 💚

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This product is amazing truly needed for healthy skin. Worth every penny and fantastic customer service product was sent with a personalised message this is what good customer service should be like


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