Lip care is skincare

Lip care is skincare

We spend so much time and effort on our skin - 10 step Korean skincare anyone? To give us that dewy, natural glow that sometimes we neglect our lips.

But our lips are very important without starting the obvious they help us to eat, drink and smile. Unlike the skin on our face and body, the skin on our lips is thin and it does not produce oil to remoisturise which can leave lips feeling and look dry, chapped and flakey. Environmental stressors such as chilly winds, cold temperatures and exposure to the sun can also cause lips to become chapped, dry and irritated.

Step in The Glowcery’s Lip Juice Duo. Made up of our superfood pairing Sweet Orange lip balm and Coconut Crumble lip scrub.

🍊 Sweet Orange is made with cold-pressed carrot, orange oils and ultra-nourishing mango butter its deeply moisturising buttery-goodness repairs dry, flakey lips, as the creamy and thick texture glides onto the lips, locking in long-lasting moisture. This 100% natural superfood formula won't have you reaching for your balm every two seconds, as your lips will slurp up this hydrating nectar for long-lasting moisture and soft, healthy lips. 

🥥 A lip scrub that will become a staple in your routine because it is one of those products you didn't know you needed until you had it. Coconut Crumble is a dual-action superfood scrub raw coconut sugar gently exfoliates away those annoying flaky, dry, chapped bits of skin, whilst conditioning ultra-moisturising raw coconut oil hydrates lips for softer lips that look and feel healthy.

The Glowcery’s Lip Care Routine

Gently exfoliate lips 2 times a week or before applying lipstick for an even application.

  • Apply Coconut Crumble to dry lips and gently scrub the product across your lips, don’t forget the corners.
  • Wash off with warm water and then pat dry
  • Follow up with an even layer of Sweet Orange to hydrate, soften and lock in moisture.

FYI the exfoliating technique stimulates blood flow to the surface of your lips resulting in a slightly plumping effect. Sweet Orange can be applied as often as required.

Shop the Lip Juice Duo.

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