The Benefits of Plant-Based Skincare

The Benefits of Plant-Based Skincare

Plant based skincare goes much further than words on the packaging. We firmly believe that it can make a huge difference to the health of your skin and your natural glow. For far too long the beauty industry has used ingredients that can compromise your skin, leaving it feeling out of balance and even damaged.

Here’s why we believe in the power of plant based skincare ingredients: 

  • Rich in antioxidants - plants are naturally rich in antioxidants, which restore and strengthen your skin cells, keeping it protected and fighting the free radicals that can lead to damaged skin.
  • Filled with vitamins and minerals - vitamins and minerals are essential for health, nourishment and balance. That’s exactly the same for your skin. These vitamins and minerals can support your skin with ageing as well as cell repair and protection.
  • Essential fats and acids - naturally occurring fats and acids help your skin to exfoliate, hydrate and fight signs of ageing. They can even help with daily concerns such as regulating oil production, fighting dry skin, soothing skin that’s out of balance or smoothing scars and textured skin.
  • Hydrocolloids - hydrocolloids (not the spot-fighting plasters) are naturally-occuring polymers that help plant-based products feel great on the skin without the need for harmful petrochemicals or synthetic polymers.
  • Natural esters and lipids – these help to support the skin’s natural defence barrier to smooth, protect and repair your skin. They’re also great as moistuisers to keep your skin hydrated and your natural barriers protected.
  • No harmful chemicals - there are some synthetic ingredients that are regularly used in beauty products even though they’re known to cause reactions or damage, especially in sensitive skin or skin with a damaged barrier. Plant-based skincare ingredients are generally more gentle on the skin and won’t strip out that natural balance.
  • Amazing aromas - plant-based skincare smells beautiful, and can even have calming or uplifting aromatherapy benefits, depending on the ingredients used. This makes a nice change from artificial fragrances (that can irritate the skin) or non-fragranced products that don’t really deliver the scent you want.
  • Renewable - we’re committed to sustainability, and with plant-based materials they’re renewable by their very nature. Nature helps them to grow, renew and be harvested to support your skin, hair and wellbeing.

How we do it at The Glowcery

Everything in the aisles at The Glowcery is plant-based. We believe in holistically nourishishing your skin through your beauty routine and your lifestyle. It’s skincare as self care, and it’s all about making a more positive impact on you and your environment.

Everything from our award-winning Clean Greens Superfood Facial Oil through to our Cocoa Cloud Whipped Body Butter is completely plant-based, and is made from natural ingredients that nourish your skin and add balance into your routine.

We source our products as if you’re going to be eating them (they’re better on your skin, honest). We cold-press all of our ingredients to make sure we gather up as many of the vital vitamins, minerals and nutrients to support your skin and overall health.

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