How to recognise and soothe sensitive skin

How to recognise and soothe sensitive skin

By Alice Hartwell for THE GLOWCERY

When you think of sensitive skin, irritation and blotchy rashes come to mind, right? Just like with people, some skins are a little more sensitive than others. There’s also a spectrum to this sensitivity, some people may only experience mild symptoms while others are constantly in fear of products that inflame and upset their skin. In our latest blog post, we’ll help you narrow down once and for all if you have sensitive skin, plus how to add a little extra care into your routine with gentle, vegan products from The Glowcery

What is sensitive skin?

All skins are different, with different needs and responses to products and environments. Sensitive skin can find external factors a little more challenging to cope with day-to-day. For example, sensitive skin might freak out when certain skincare ingredients are applied or used too often. If you have sensitive skin, you might find that you struggle in certain weather or climates and responds with redness or irritation. In some cases, you might even suffer from skin conditions like rosacea that makes you extra sensitive. 

5 signs you’re a little sensitive

  1. Your skin reacts easily 

While many skin types can take a range of products, and environments in their stride, sensitive skins have it a bit harder. You might find your skin is more sensitive and reactive to particular skin care products, ingredients, fragrances, weather conditions and even household items like washing powder. When exposed to these triggers, those with sensitivity can find their skin is quick to react with irritation, redness or dryness. 

  1. Regular redness

One of the most common signals of sensitive skin is regular redness. This may just be a minor flushing after some overly enthusiastic cleansing or even a rash break out or raised bumps. The reason for this redness is the blood rushing to your skin to help fight off irritants and promote healing. With skin that’s sensitive, this is triggered more often. 

  1. Your skin is often dry

Dry skin and sensitivity are sadly a common pairing. While this might just lead to the occasional dry patch, in severe cases it can result in the cracking and peeling of the skin. You might particularly struggle in the colder months of the year, with cold winds and dropped temperatures serving as a big sensitivity trigger. 

  1. You’re prone to rashes

Sensitive and reactive skin may be quick to break out into a rash when exposed to a specific trigger. This can often happen when using a new skincare product or ingredient, your skin might take time to acclimatise or simply not be able to handle it without reaction. These rashes are often uncomfortable and irritating, as well as self-esteem affecting. 

  1. You suffer from regular breakouts

Those with sensitive skin may also find they are more prone to breakouts and acne flare ups. This is often due to a weakened skin barrier that finds it harder to fight off spot formation. With sensitivity, you may find that your breakouts are painful and irritating, often only made worse with classic acne remedies and targeted products. 

Steps to treating sensitive skin

Dealing with sensitive skin can feel trying and downright disheartening at times. However, with a little extra care, you can improve your symptoms and keep your sensitive skin happy and healthy: 

  1. Avoid scented or fragranced products 

Fragrance can be one of the biggest triggers when it comes to skin sensitivity. These extra scents aren’t always necessary and you can source plenty of beauty and home products that are fragrance-free, created especially for sensitive skin. 

  1. Skip the super hot showers and baths

While hot baths and showers are always tempting, especially in this colder time of year, it’s a recipe for disaster with sensitive skin. As we discussed earlier, sensitivity and dry skin go hand in hand. Hot water can easily dry out the skin, acting as a trigger and making your symptoms even worse. After any bath or shower, always make sure to hydrate your skin fully using a body butter and oil that won’t cause irritation (just like our iconic Cocoa Cloud Whipped Body Butter and Golden Nectar Nourishing Body Oil duo!)

  1. Use gentle, sensitivity-friendly skincare 

Make sure to stock your skincare drawer with products created especially for sensitive skin. For example, our Blue Dew Fruit Enzyme Oil To Milk Cleanser which works to gently cleanse the skin whilst soothing and calming sensitive skin. 

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