A Love Letter To Thailand 💌

A Love Letter To Thailand 💌

Dear Thailand 

Having embarked on a exploration of your cities, islands and beaches, from Chiang Mai, Krabi, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Samui, Koh Tao and Bangkok I reflect in awe of your beauty, your kindness and resounding patience. 

Life moves a lot slower in your part of the world and this stillness has encouraged a girl who was constantly (and rather chaotically) racing forward to slow down and appreciate how far she has come.

If I am being honest, prior to my trip I was filled with fear, I worried about my finances, the direction of my life and my personal relationships. As if like magic, this heavy cloud dissipated once I had landed safely in Bangkok. Reminiscing on the breath taking views of Maya Bay, with the whitest, softest sand I’ve ever felt, to the natural rock formations all around Krabi and your deliciously fresh fruit shakes. I cannot thank you enough for the memories, for the still moments of self-reflection and blissful human interactions.

After just two short weeks, I leave you filled with an unshakeable sense of gratitude, having made peace with the unknown, found contentment in the present and with clarity on what to manifest for my future. 

My skin, soul and body thanks you. 

Khob Khun Thailand. Until next time.

With love,


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