#MyFridge - The Digital Marketing Manager Who Swears By Her Minimal Skincare Routine

#MyFridge - The Digital Marketing Manager Who Swears By Her Minimal Skincare Routine

Full Name: Victoria Puddephatt
Occupation: Digital Marketing Manager & Home-maker 
Location: United Kingdom
Star Sign: Scorpio
Age: 28
Skin Type or Concern: Scarring /discolouration and dryness

My skin

Describe your skincare journey

For the most part my skin is generally clear, however I will have random breakouts and can’t always resist the temptation to poke and prod my face whenever a new spot surfaces. As you can imagine, this then creates a viscous cycle of scarring which leads to dark marks and makes me extremely self-conscious. After that, I’m always kicking myself for not resisting the urge to take matters into my own hands, instead of using the correct methods of extraction combined with the right products and trusting in the process. Over time, I have (mostly) ditched my bad habits of picking my spots and poking my face until it scars and have adopted a consistent skincare regimen which generally tends to keep the spots at bay.   

Tell us about your current skincare routine?

My skincare routine is quite basic, but that’s how I like it. Partly due to time constraints but also as my skin is quite sensitive it tends to react badly if I do too much. First, I wash my face with a face wash (I’m currently using Simple micellar water gel wash). Next l cleanse my skin using pure Rose water (applied using a cotton pad). Thirdly, I moisturise my face using Nivea 24 Hour moisturiser with almond oil (for sensitive skin). Last but not least I seal in all of the moisture using The Glowcery’s Tomato Tonic, aka ‘my skin’s savour serum’.

What are your favourite skincare products?

Of course The Glowcery is a favourite of mine, I would never stray from this brand when it comes to face serums. Both Clean Greens and Tomato Tonic are amazing, although as a sensitive-skinned sister my face is betrothed to Tomato Tonic. I also love Nivea as someone who suffers from patches of dryness it is very nourishing without being greasy. My skin had also always agreed with Simple so that brand is usually a staple for me.

Do you have a skincare tip you’d like to share?

Trust in the process — consistency is key. We can all get a bit impatient and want any blemishes or flaws to disappear overnight, but once you find the right products for you, by keeping your skincare routine consistent and having a little patience (shoutout to the OG’s ‘Take That’), you will definitely see results!

Describe The Glowcery in 3 words

Innovative, environmentally-friendly, effective.

My selfcare

What does selfcare mean to you?

Making a conscious effort to set aside some time out of my hectic schedule to do something for my benefit that simply serves me.

How do you relax

Reading a book, binge-watching a tv series, going for a walk.

My life

Your favourite life motto OR famous quote

Everything happens for a reason.

My superpower is

Profound Peruser

My favourite fruit or veg is

Broccoli; because I love the taste, texture and how versatile it is.  

If we were to look in your fridge, what would we find?

A mixture of fruit and veg, staple items include: apples, oranges, blueberries, salad, broccoli, carrots, potatoes. Usually some type of chicken, sausages (either turkey or Richmond’s meat free) and salmon as standard. Currently some prawns and Richmond’s meat-free balls in addition to the standard stuff. ALWAYS Oatly whole oat milk.

What I’ve been loving this month

This month I’ve been LOVING catching up on the TV show Euphoria as Season 2 things are really heating up at the moment. My favourite book this month is a chicklit book called Don’t You Forget About Me by one of my favourite authors Mhairi McFarlane, which I finally got round to reading after having it for ages!

What I’ve been loving this month


I haven’t really been anywhere too exciting this month as yet, but I went to a really nice get together over at a family friend’s house recently. She’s an amazing cook and she made us all dinner and we had a great laugh and a lovely catch up.


I made the tastiest prawn fried rice for dinner earlier today *chef’s kiss*. I threw in some mushrooms, peppers and spinach for good measure and ofc it was seasoned to perfection, thank goodness there were leftovers! N.B. Sadly I didn’t have any broccoli to hand but definitely adding that in next time.


As for drinks, generally I tend to just stick to water but it was actually last month when I discovered the most banging flavour of Innocent Smoothie – I believe it was the one ‘with guavas, pineapples and apples’, when I say 10/10. Go out and buy it and let the juice speak for itself!

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