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Our Product Tester, Becca, on why she went vegan

Our Product Tester, Becca, on why she went vegan

1. When and why did you go vegan?

I became vegan in January 2018. It initially I changed because I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could stick to it for the whole month of Vegaunary. I was a massive eater before converting, I still am but I would eat anything and everything without really thinking about what I was putting into my body. So veganunary was the perfect chance for me to try something different. Also, a lot of people thought I wouldn’t be able to stick to it which motivated me even more to stay focused on being vegan and learning more about the plant-based lifestyle.

2. How did you start your vegan journey e.g. did you start solo or with friends and family, did you eat meat, were you a pescatarian, vegetarian, flexitarian before? 

I went from being a meat eater to vegan. I didn’t have the transition periods of gradually cutting certain foods out. It was one side of the spectrum straight to the other. I started this journey alone, at the time my sister, Roshanne, in fact was meant to start with me on the 1st Jan 2018, but as soon as we both got home from work she told me she couldn’t do it lol. So went at it alone, until she later transitioned from being a pescatarian to vegan a couple months later.

We are the only two in our family that are vegans, we have a vegetarian cousin. The rest of my family are not vegan but willing to try vegan options whenever possible.

3. What are your favourite vegan food/beauty/wellness brands?

My favourite vegan food brands are Th!S and Beyond Meat. I used to love beef burgers and Beyond Meat patties are the closest thing I’ve ever had to a meat burger. I love the texture and love how tasty they are! The Vurger Co. use them in their burgers and they are amazing, would highly recommend trying them out.

A favourite of mine has to be The Glowcery (obvs). I’m obsessed with the blue dew cleanser and tomato tonic serum. As I have combo skin, but it can also very sensitive skin, this helps to rejuvenate my skin and literally does what it say’s in the brand name, makes my skin glow! Don't even get me started on sweet orange lip balm, I use it every day and can't leave the house without it. Honestly the best lip balm ever! I also enjoy using the cruelty-free brand The Ordinary, simple scientific based skincare that is inexpensive. I’ve been using their organic rosehip seed oil and alpha arbutin serum for years now as they help with reducing the appearance of my hyperpigmentation and spot scars.

4. Who are your favourite vegan bloggers or influencers

My favourite vegan bloggers are Rachel Ama, I love her vegan recipes. I’ve tried quite a few but I also take inspiration from her dishes and put a little spin on it. @RachelAma. I also like following @accidentallyvegan on IG as that is where I can keep up to date with new releases of vegan alternatives!

Written by Becca Dorsett
The Glowcery Product Tester
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