The Benefits of Keeping Things Green With Plant-Based Skincare

The Benefits of Keeping Things Green With Plant-Based Skincare

By Alice Hartwell for THE GLOWCERY

Here at The Glowcery, we make it no secret how passionate we are about green, plant-based skincare. The very mission of our brand lies in creating healthy, plant-based formulas that have minimal impact on the environment, and maximum impact on your skin! If you are new to the world of vegan beauty, you may be wondering about the benefits of switching to plant-based skincare. In our latest post, we dive into all of the perks of picking up some vegan products, plus our favourite plant-based Glowceries to give your skin the boost it deserves. 

So what are the benefits of green skincare?

When shopping vegan, this means your skincare products are made without using any ingredients that are derived from animals. This not only looks out for our animal friends but also for the environment AND our skin. What more could you ask for really?

Still not convinced to make the switch? Take a read below for just a few of the benefits of plant-based skincare:

Better for your skin:

The use of natural ingredients is much kinder and gentler to your skin on the whole. So much of what we put onto our skin gets absorbed by the body, and vegan skincare contains natural ingredients that are far less likely to cause irritation. Take our Blue Dew Fruit Enzyme Oil To Milk Cleanser, for example. This 100% plant-based cleanser has been specially formulated to show your skin some love by using natural ingredients that avoid the stripping of essential oils. 

Packed with antioxidants and vitamins:

Because vegan skincare is made using natural, plant-based ingredients this means that it retains all the vitamins and nutrients your skin will love! All of these natural antioxidants are vital in blocking out free radicals and keeping the skin in a healthy, glowy condition. The Tomato Tonic Fragrance-Free Superfood Serum is the perfect example of a nutrient-rich, plant-based product. Packed with reparative and nourishing natural oils, this product is a great alternative for skins easily irritated by chemicals and fragrances.

Environmentally conscious:

At The Glowcery, we are also hugely passionate about sustainability. We make sure every product that gets shipped to customers is made with as little global impact as possible. Using 100% vegan formulas means that none of our Glowceries ends up causing harm or pollution to the environment. One of the steps we take to champion sustainability is using up-cycled ingredients, for example, the strawberry seed oil used in our Golden Nectar Nourishing Body Oil.

Kinder to animals:

While good skin is important, the main benefit of green skincare is felt by our animal friends. Choosing vegan skincare means that you’re actively taking a stance on the further harming of animals. When buying plant-based skincare, also ensure that you’re shopping cruelty-free (meaning no products have been tested on animals either.) Our Clean Greens Superfood Serum is just another Glowcery product that we can proudly say is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Besides this, it also leaves your face super glowy, clarified and blemish-free!

You can find out more about our passionate mission toward a plant-based skincare industry and everything you need to know about our sustainability initiatives on the “About Us” section of our website. 

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