How To Use Our Coconut Crumble Lip Scrub

How To Use Our Coconut Crumble Lip Scrub

🥥 Made with exfoliating, raw coconut sugar and hydrating coconut oil using our Coconut Crumble lip scrub, helps to gently exfoliate and condition dry, chapped and flakey lips. Here's how to use it:


    1. With a dry finger scoop out a little scrub and apply to dry lips
    2. Use gentle pressure to exfoliate any dead skin cells or chapped patches of skin
    3. Wash off with warm water & pat your lips dry
    4. For extra softness, follow up with our Sweet Orange lip balm
    5. Use once or twice a week


  • Coconut Crumble not only helps your lips look and feel moisturised and soft, the exfoliation process stimulates the blood vessels in your lips resulting in a temporary plumping effect. Removing dry, patches of skin also helps lipsticks, especially matte lipsticks apply smoother and last longer! Soft, juicy and conditioned lips guaranteed, every time.

  • Treat your lips to a helping of Coconut Crumble here.


  • Written by Roshanne Dorsett 
    Founder of The Glowcery 


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