Body Oil Vs Body Butter: Which Should I Use?

Body Oil Vs Body Butter: Which Should I Use?

By Alice Hartwell for THE GLOWCERY

It’s not all about maintaining a glow for your face, keeping your body hydrated is just as important. When it comes to body care, there are countless products you can use to moisturise the skin and help keep it silky smooth. The most popular are oils and butters, which can be applied all over the body to ease symptoms of dry skin. But what really is the difference when it comes to body oil vs body butter? Which product should you be keeping stocked in your skincare drawer? In our latest blog post, we take a dive into body care and some of our favourite body Glowceries. 

What’s the difference between body oil vs body butter?

It all comes down to formulas when looking at the differences between body oil and body butter. Body butter usually has a very thick and creamy consistency, made with rich ingredients like shea butter, to nourish the deepest layers of the skin. Body oil, on the other hand, targets hydration in the upper layers of your skin, with a lighter and thinner feeling than lotions and butters. 

These different consistencies and ingredients leave different effects and feeling on the skin. Body butter, with its thick and hydrating texture, leaves the skin fully moisturised with a layer of product still left on the skin. While this can be great for those with chronically dry skin, others may not like the “greasy” film body butter can leave. In turn, body oils absorb into the skin quickly with little residue, which is perfect for those who hate the feeling of product reside, but might not be hydrating enough on its own for those on the dryer side. 

What order should they be applied in?

Much like your facial skincare routine, body care has certain steps to follow to get the most out of your products. When it comes to layering body butter and oil, make sure you’re massaging products onto clean skin. Apply body butter first, then add a layer of body oil to seal the moisture in. Ordering your products this way is important because the ingredients in your body butter aren’t able to penetrate through oil, meaning you may not feel all the hydrating benefits.

When is the prime time to apply?

The best time to apply body oil and body butter is right after your bath or shower. Act fast while your skin is still slightly wet and massage in your favourite products. Bodycare always absorbs best when the skin is slightly slick with moisture. 

Can’t decide? Why not choose both with The Glowcery

Here at The Glowcery, we believe there’s room for both body oil and body butter in everyone’s daily routine. That’s why we created our dynamic body duo: Cocoa Cloud Whipped Body Butter and Golden Nectar Nourishing Oil. Both products work to effortlessly hydrate and soften the skin, taking care of all of your body's moisture needs. Made with completely vegan and sustainably sourced ingredients, looking after your body has never felt (or smelt) so good!

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