Imani Evans holding a bottle of Clean Greens

#MyFridge - The Social Media Influencer Who Swears By Avocados

Full Name: Imani Evans
Instagram: @imanievans_
Occupation: Model & Content Creator
Star Sign: Aquarius 
Age: 30
Skin Type or Concern: Oily skin


Hi my name's Imani. As a model & a content creator I spend a lot of my time in front of the camera & scrutinising imagery. For a job like this, self love & self confidence is a must. This is why I place such high value on taking care of myself, both inside and out. When I pour into myself I'm better able to give to others - you can't pour from an empty cup!

My skin

Describe your skincare journey

When I was a teenager & in my early 20’s I never had a skincare routine, but now that I’ve turned 30 I realised I would of benefitted from having one. I tend to get spots especially when I'm feeling stressed or worn down and have found that using products that are suited to my skin type have helped me to feel more confident in my skin. 

I really started loving skincare and creating a skincare routine for myself, when The Glowcery first launched back in 2020. I know I'm biased because Roshanne is my best friend, but I instantly fell in love with applying Clean Greens daily because it made me feel pampered and helped clear up my spots. Finally, I was doing more than the bare minimum when it came to my skin, I was giving my skin the care & nourishment it needed. Thanks bestie!

Tell us about your current skincare routine?

My current skincare routine is 3 steps but I would like to find a really good toner to add to it & make it 4. So if you can recommend me a hydrating, natural toner let me know.

I use the Dermalogica daily microfoliant to cleanse and exfoliate my skin, I then moisturise with the Sukin facial moisturiser. I don't like my skin feeling or looking overly greasy, especially because as a content creator I'm always applying make-up and don't want that dreaded shine! I then apply my clean greens serum after to lock in moisture, it smells divine and gives my skin a natural, healthy glow. My last step is to apply a layer of sweet orange lip balm, it's so creamy which helps to keep my lips soft and moisturised all day, even when I'm wearing lipstick. I don't use an SPF even though Roshanne always tells me I should - but hey one step at a time!

What are your favourite skincare products?

My number 1 fave product when it comes to my skincare routine is my Clean Greens serum. From the packaging, to the scent, to the texture… it’s literally a treat for your skin. I finally experienced a natural glow when I added it to my skincare routine.

Do you have a skincare tip you’d like to share?

Run don’t walk to order a bottle of Clean Greens & try it for yourself if you haven’t already!

Describe The Glowcery in 3 words

The. Holy. Grail.


My selfcare

What does selfcare mean to you?

Self care is my number 1 secret to a happy life. I never used to see it as a priority and I was always hurrying, and stressing. This showed up physically, I was suffering health wise. Since I started putting myself first and not feeling guilty for resting, I am better equipped to deal with the daily stressors of life.

How do you relax?

Relaxing for me definitely varies from TV time in bed with treats, getting a massage or treating myself to a nice lunch or dinner while people watching (I love a solo date and a good people watching session!). It's one of my fave things to do!


My life

Your favourite life motto 

Over the years I’ve realised & decided that I will try anything & everything I want to. This doesn’t mean everything is going to be a success but it means that I’m not ruled by fear & I’m being an independent thinker. We are taught to live a traditional life by society but the dreams I have are not traditional & being a natural born rebel, not only am I ok with that… I absolutely thrive from that!

My superpower is?

Being relentlessly positive as I go through the rollercoaster of life. 

My favourite fruit or veg is?

I am absolutely obsessed with Avocados. I feel like they’re quite unique. I mean, why does the skin look like that? Why does it have two shades of green inside? (Darker on the edge & lighter in the middle!), why does it have the most pure taste & texture? Why does it go with literally everything? So many unanswered questions!

If we were to look in your fridge, what would we find?

Lots of oat milk for my tea & coffee. Lots of blueberries for on top of my breakfasts & lots of carbs because I love them!


What I’ve been loving this month

Book/tv programme

I haven’t watched any new TV in a while but I have been watching the reruns of Sex In The City & it’s just as amazing as I remember.


I went to Sexy Fish for cocktails & dessert. I always hear people going on about it & I agree, the vibe is immaculate.


My favourite food was the fancy Avocado on toast I had a little quaint lounge I found in Central London. It had edible flowers, pomegranate sauce & wild garnish, who knew Avocado on toast could be so boujee! 

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