Botanical name: Cocos Nucifera

🥥 Hailed as the miracle cure for most beauty, health and wellbeing woes. Coconut oil possesses antibacterial properties, potent moisturising agents and an indulgent tropical scent. In its rawest form coconut oil is a white, solid at room temperature. There are literally hundreds of uses for coconut oil, and below are some favourites:

  1. Body moisturiser – After dry brushing or exfoliating your body, slather in coconut oil for skin that looks and feels supple, smooth and moisturised.
  2. Oral health care – Oil pulling an ancient Ayurvedic practice, of swishing a tablespoon of oil around your mouth. The swishing forces the oil into the smallest nook and crannies of your teeth helping to sterilise bacteria that can cause tooth decay and plaque build-up. Here’s how it works: the coconut oil sticks to bacteria and micro-organisms in your mouth, and so when you spit it out, you’re also spitting out all those little nasties in there.
  3. Lip balm – We repeat, coconut oil is extremely moisturising and antibacterial, this also makes it a great ingredient for lip balms. In summer, it can be applied to protect sensitive lips from the sun’s rays and in winter it acts as a barrier to prevent chapped lips. Scoop straight from the jar and apply to the lips. Are your lips in need of a lil tlc? Try Coconut Crumble our natural, vegan lip scrub made with hydrating raw coconut oil and raw coconut sugar for smoother, softer, hydrated lips.
  4. Deep Conditioner Hair Mask – Using raw coconut oil as a DIY hair mask helps to combat dryness, smooth flyaways and soften your locks. Apply two to three tablespoons of oil all over your hair, cover with a steam cap, leave for 30 minutes and then wash off. For hair that is super thirsty combine coconut oil with mashed avocado and castor oil

Written by Roshanne, The Glowcery Founder

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