Every day is Green Friday at The Glowcery

Every day is Green Friday at The Glowcery

By Alice Hartwell for THE GLOWCERY

Are you sick of the chaos of Black Friday? At The Glowcery, we sure are. Not only does this annual consumer holiday promote unhealthy spending habits, but it can also lead to increased waste and pollution. This year, we are choosing instead to embrace Green Friday. In our latest post, find out everything about this alternative, green take on Black Friday, tips for avoiding the spending hype and why Green Friday is so important to us as a vegan, sustainable brand. 

What is Green Friday?

Green Friday is a counter-movement to the annual Black Friday of sales and “mega discounts” designed to make consumers panic buy en masse. This movement encourages a diversion from needless spending and shopping to investing in environmentally-conscious businesses or refraining from shopping full stop. 

It can be difficult to resist the discounts and savings brands promise during this time of year. Realistically though, shoppers will never end up saving as much money as they think they will, and the effects this over-consumption spending can have on the environment is dangerous. Needless shopping often leads to tonnes more landfill waste, increasing concerns around pollution. 

So what steps can you take to live a little more green this Black Friday?

Ways to turn your Black Friday green

1. Immerse yourself in nature

Instead of being glued to your phone screen, waiting for discount emails this Black Friday, ditch the technology and get outside in nature. Take a long walk around your favourite woodland area (or maybe somewhere completely new!) It’s completely free to take in some much-needed fresh air and will have you feeling a lot better than spending needlessly.

2. Support a local charity or cause close to your heart

Put your money somewhere that matters, instead of on new clothes you definitely don’t need. Donate to your favourite charities or causes. This would be a great opportunity to give to a charity focused on sustainability and fighting climate change. 

3. Invest in activities that help your mental and physical wellbeing 

While you might get an initial buzz from purchasing online this Black Friday, it fades all too quickly. You would be much better off investing in activities that genuinely help you feel happier and more fulfilled. Spend the day doing all of your favourite things or keeping active with a fitness class to help look after your body and mind. 

4. Spread the word about Green Friday 

One of the best ways you can celebrate Green Friday is to spread to word! Share resources about this Black Friday boycott across your social media to help inform your followers about the problems that derive from over-consumption. 

5. Shop with sustainable brands

If you must shop, then make sure to keep your purchases green with a focus on brands that practice sustainably and with an eco-friendly approach. Do your research beforehand for sustainable alternatives to some of your favourite brands so that you can spend wisely and consciously this Green Friday.

Why Green Friday matters so much to us here at The Glowcery

The concept of Green Friday is incredibly important to us here at The Glowcery. It represents all of our values around sustainability and eco-friendly skincare. With our brand, you’ll never find Black Friday-conforming pressures of “don't miss out” discounts. Instead, we promote a culture of conscious shopping for vegan skincare products that bring a natural and healthy glow.

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