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Cold Pressed Oils. What Are They And Why Are They A Must Have In Your Skincare?

Here at The Glowcery, we believe that high-performance skincare does not need to be filled to the brim with overly-processed or artificial ingredients and so we use only the freshest, natural superfood ingredients in our products. Here's why:
šŸ„— Incorporating raw fruits and vegetables in your diet can have numerous beneficial health benefits. This is because unlike overly cooked, fried or boiled versions, raw fruits and vegetables retain more of their natural vitamins, minerals and nutrients.Ā 
šŸ’š Like your body your skin benefits from nutrient-dense ingredients in order to look and feel healthy and so by purchasing skincare products, that are suited to your skin type and made from natural, fresh ingredients will help to feed your skin, revealing skin that is nourished, hydrated and soothed.
šŸ„¦ When it comes to fruits and vegetables the method of extraction that helps these natural oils to retain most, if not all of their therapeutic qualities, is a method known as cold-pressing. Cold Pressed = crushing the seed, rind or nut of the fruit or vegetable under immense pressure and squeezing out the oil. The seeds are dropped inside a cylinder that contains a rotating screw. This screw grinds and crushes the seeds until the oil is extracted. Small holes in the bottom of the cylinder allow the oil to escape into a collection container. Although some heat is generated through friction as the screw breaks down the seeds, it's usually not enough heat to damage the oil. Once the oil has been extracted it is usually lightly filtered to remove any remaining pulp, shells or seeds.
šŸ„‘ The result is a beautiful, botanical, natural oil rich in skin-loving vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that when used in natural skincare products can help to combat a range of skin concerns including, acne, dehydration, skin sensitivities and pigmentation.
For superfood, plant-based and 100% natural skincare, made from fresh, nutrient-dense ingredients, shop The Glowcery here.

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